Selma van der Bijl - Fotograaf Naarden | About
Fotograaf Selma van der Bijl is gespecialiseerd in journalistieke reportages (oa bruiloften) en legt mensen en momenten graag vast zoals ze zijn. Gevestigd in Naarden.
trouwfotograaf, bruidsfotograaf, Naarden, Bussum, Amsterdam, bruiloften, reportages
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As a photographer I like to get close into peoples lives to capture authentic and intimate moments. I studied International Business and worked in the fast-moving consumer goods industry for 10 years. In 2013 I switched careers and started studying at the Photo Academy in Amsterdam and graduated in 2017. My photography is a mix of social engaged projects, personal work and client commissions, all of which are shot with a documentary approach. I am big fan of the photojournalistic approach so I don't interfere and keep an eye out for genuine moments happening in front of my lens. In my work I focus on milestones such as reunifications, births and weddings. Life wrapped up in love, hope and happiness. It is an honor to be invited into people's lives to capture and document important events. I am always looking for interesting images that tell a story and celebrate life. My style is unposed and my goal is to bring you back to the moment to relive your experience. With my husband Matthijs and our son Tibbe I live in the beautiful city of Naarden. If you would like to get in touch with me to find out more about what I offer please feel free to contact me via email (, phone or WhatsApp (06 42866142). Selma-juni2020-01 Portret: Simone-Michelle de Blouw Awards
2021 Zilveren Camera 2020 -  1st prize Documentair Nationaal serie 2021 Paul Peters Fotoprijs - 3rd prize 2020 World Report Award | Documenting Humanity - finalist Single Shot category 2020 Siena International Photo Award - finalist 2019 World Report Award | Documenting Humanity - finalist Single Shot category 2019 Documentary Family Awards - birth category 2018 Alfred Fried Photography Award 2018 Zilveren Camera 2017 - 1st prize kunst cultuur en entertainment enkel 2018 Paul Peters Fotoprijs - 1st prize 2017 Sony World Photography Awards - 2nd prize 2015 DIGIFOTO Pro - Straatfotografie in kleur - 1st prize 2015 Masters of Dutch Wedding Photography Award Exhibitions
2023 Museum Hilversum - Hilversum Beter Bekeken 2021 Hilversum - Museum Hilversum - Zilveren Camera 2020 Lodi (Italy) - Festival of Ethical Photography 2019 Lodi (Italy) - Festival of Ethical Photography 2019 Rome - Austrian Cultural Forum Rome - Alfred Fried Photography Award 2019 Hilversum - Museum Hilversum - Canon Zilveren Camera 2019  Naarden - DeMess - Geluk(t) 2018 Hilversum - Museum Hilversum - Canon Zilveren Camera 2018 Amersfoort - SP Landelijk Partijbureau - Paul Peters Fotoprijs 2018 Amsterdam - Amsterdam Museum - 50 jaar Paradiso - Lovedance 2017 Amsterdam - Loods 6 - Fotoacademie Graduation Expo - Always Now 2017 London - Somerset House - Sony World Photography Awards Publications
Focus Magazine - juni 2023 De Groene Amsterdammer - bewijzen dat je geen bewijs hebt september 2022 Gutmensch Scheurkalender 2021 - 2022 - 2023 VluchtelingenWerk Magazine - winter 2020 Der Spiegel (online) - december 2019 - So viel Glück De Tribune - februari 2019 Hollandse Beelden - nummer 7 2018 De Tribune - maart 2018 SHUTR.PHOTO - nr 1 2018 Gooi-en Eemlander - 29 januari 2018 PAROOL - 10 januari 2018 VluchtelingenWerk Magazine - special gezinshereniging 2017 DIGIFOTO Pro